Urania leilus LINNAEUS 1758
Subfamily: Uraniinae
Tribe: Unassigned
Common Name: Green Banded Urania
Urania Leilus
Distribution Map
Urania Leilus
Urania leilus
© Emily Halsey
Urania leilus, Peru, May 2011 © Emily Halsey

Urania leilus is a day-flying moth and is commonly found in primary and secondary rainforest along the river banks. The elevation of its habitats are between sea level and 800 metres. The distribution of Urania leilus includes the countries Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. Urania leilus has a strong migratory nature, and tends to follow rivers.

The caterpillars are known to feed on the toxic Omphalea, however very little else is known about the lifecyle.

Adult moths are most likely to be encountered mud-puddling at the side of river banks in groups of five individuals or more. Urania moths are easy to recognise from the green radiating bands, large size and white tails. Urania leilus can easily be misidentified as Urania fulgens which flys on the western side of the Andes. U. fulgens is slightly smaller than U. leilus as has less white on the tails or are sometimes completely black.

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Urania fulgens
Urania Fulgens
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