Eumorpha vitis LINNAEUS 1758
Subfamily: Macroglossinae
Tribe: Philampelini
Common Name: Vine Sphinx Moth
Eumorpha vitis
Distribution Map
Eumorpha vitis and fasciatus Eumorpha vitis underside
Eumorpha vitis and fasciatus Eumorpha vitis ventral
Eumorpha vitis, Peru © Peter Bruce-Jones

Eumorpha vitis is widespread across the neotroical region and has been found as far north as Texas. There is a subspecies hesperidum which is found in Jamaica. The wing span of Eumorpha vitis is around 100mm

At a first glance, it can be easy to confuse Eumorpha vitis with Eumorpha fasciatus, under closer examination ts is possible to see the differences in brown markings on the forewing. Also, the hindwing of Eumorpha fasciatus has more pink around the border.

Similar Species
Similar species have not been illustrated yet
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